Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Creating and Maintaining a Safe Learning Environment

Physical Environment

The physical setting of the classroom can assist in preventing inappropriate or negative behavior. For example, student seating arrangements within the classroom, at the desks or on the floor can be arranged to position the students who have behavioral problems. These students can be seated closer to the front of the room nearer to the teacher so that the teacher can try and redirect negative behavior with minimal interruption to the class as a whole. Bring the student closer to the front will also help the student to remain focused on the work they are doing with less to distract them away from the teacher.  A well arranged classroom is not a guarantee of positive behavior, although it has been found that poor planning or mismanagement in this area can create conditions that lead to problems or issues within the room. To assist students in a flowing classroom frequently used areas of the room such as traffic lanes should remain unobstructed and be easily accessible. Students should be able to see the front of the classroom and board without having to turn or move unduly and commonly used classroom materials, should be easily accessible (Education Information for New and Future Teachers. 2010).  With this type of room management minor behavioral issues can be prevented. 

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