Saturday, 20 October 2012


Before you start developing a program, you need to assess a variety of issues to ensure the program is relevant to your class, school and ability. Below are a few information sheets and checklists to help you with this process.

Teacher Program Checklist

School Situational Analysis

Creating Individual Learning Plans

Helpful Websites:

Primary Programs Plus   

"Primary Programs Plus has been developed by experienced and well-qualified primary school teachers to provide other teachers with a total programming resource. Since 2001, we have successfully provided teachers with access to quality programs across all curriculum areas. We are proud of our reputation throughout Australia as a leading online provider of primary teaching programs that are both practical and relevant to your everyday teaching needs." (PPPlus, 2012)


PPPlus, (2012), Primary Program Plus; Primary Resources Developed By Teachers For Teachers,, accessed: 21.10.12


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